Lilya Turki is an experienced Creative Director and creative consultant graduated from the ECAL / Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.

She began her career in Paris and then London, working alongside creative director David James on campaigns and bespoke projects for Prada and Alexander McQueen, as well as collaborating on the creative direction of the magazines Another Magazine & Another Man.

In 2015, she became Image Director and then Creative Director for a new edition of Marie Claire in Paris before moving to New York where she worked for Tiffany & Co as a Creative Director & Director of Ideation for the brand. In 2020, she started her own creative studio and has since been working on various projects and collaborations in Europe and the United States.

Through all these projects, she gained a strong experience in the fashion, beauty and luxury space and tangentially with the arts, collaborating with institutions including The Biennale di Venezia and The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

Since 2021 she is also the co-founder of the digital gallery & studio ARCHYVIO, showcasing the beauty of existing objects from around the world and promoting the importance and value of craftsmanship, with an emphasis on preserving skills and heritage.

Working across media and focusing mainly on brand identity, creative & strategy development, curation, content & editorial creation and strategic direction for luxury, lifestyle and beauty brands, as well as building new relationships between brands and various artists or art institutions.

Art Direction
Content Creation
Creative Direction